One of the most important developments in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Season 6 Episode 5 was when Bran Stark was touched by the Night’s King. The touch “branded” Bran in such a way that it revealed his location and damaged Bran’s magical protections; Bran, Hodor, Meera, the Children of the Forest and the Bloodraven were no longer safe in their cave.

Once the Night’s King knew where to find (and gained access to) Bran and company, he wasted no time marching on their location and wreaking havoc on the cave. Bran escaped with Meera, while several Children died along with Summer (Bran’s dire wolf), Bloodraven and Hodor.

That mark could prove deadly for far more people, however.

Bran Stark Night’s King Theory: Bran will accidentally help the Night’s King get south of the Wall

Bran will likely escape the Night’s King and his army — for a few episodes, at least; he does still have to see what was happening inside the Tower of Joy, after all. Perhaps someone like Benjen Stark or Coldhands will whisk him away to safety.

But what happens if Bran makes it south of the Wall? We know that the Wall was built to keep the White Walkers North and human beings South. The Wall can supposedly be destroyed by the “Horn of Winter,” but the true whereabouts of the Horn are unknown.

How, then, will the Night’s King and his army get through the Wall?

The theory is that Bran Stark’s marked arm will lead them right through it.

HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

There is obviously some sort of magic associated with the mark the Night’s King gave Bran. Once Bran was marked, the Others and the White Walkers were able to access the cave in which Bran was hiding without troubles. Previously, they exploded upon entry.

If Bran travels through the Wall, it’s plausible the Night’s King’s mark will supersede the magic that keeps the Others North of the wall, just like it superseded the magic that kept the Others out of the cave.

“He can’t get in,” said Bran, speaking of the cave.

“He can now,” replied the Bloodraven. “His mark is on you.”

4 thoughts on “Night’s King Mark On Bran Stark Will Let The White Walkers Through The Wall

  1. Bran asked to 3 Eyes Raven before that whether he will be able to walk again. 3EyesRaven replied him that he will never walk again but he will be fly. That means that he could control the dragons in the future to battle with White Walkers.

  2. …is it me or did he not grab Bran on his left arm and the mark was show on his right arm? Seems odd they would make such a mistake on this show and so might the visions being a mirror image have some significance later.

    1. That’s a great thought! We’ll have to seem if it comes true … and I’ll have to rewatch to see if that is indeed the case…

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