Sansa Stark

All of the best Sansa Stark theories out there.

  • Theory: The Hound is Azor Ahai

    Is the Hound Azor Ahai? According to this theory, it’s entirely possible. And while the Hound might not be the most Azor Ahai-like character in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, reddit user KakkaCarotCake makes an interesting case. Before we dive into the theory, here’s a quick recap of what prophecies say […]

  • The UnKiss: Sansa Stark’s Mismemory

    TL;DR: Sansa Stark thinks the Hound kissed her, but he actually didn’t (e.g. the “Unkiss”). The mismemory could signify Sansa’s attraction to the Hound. Sansa Stark has been established as an unreliable narrator, and perhaps her biggest lapse in memory — at least that the readers are aware of — is the “UnKiss.” So what […]