The Hound

All of the best theories about the Hound, also known as Sandor Clegane.

  • Azor Ahai Prophecy: Jon Snow Vs. The Others

    The Azor Ahai prophecy is central to the story of Game of Thrones. Azor Ahai is a major prophesied character in the books, and he’s (or she’s?) set to save the living in the fight against the dead. There are many theories tied to the Azor Ahai prophecy, many of which name Jon Snow as the […]

  • Theory: The Hound is Azor Ahai

    Is the Hound Azor Ahai? According to this theory, it’s entirely possible. And while the Hound might not be the most Azor Ahai-like character in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, reddit user KakkaCarotCake makes an interesting case. Before we dive into the theory, here’s a quick recap of what prophecies say […]

  • Cleganebowl: The Mountain And The Hound Will Fight To The Death

    Here at A Song of Ice and Fire and “Game of Thrones” theories, we’ve already detailed two very important theories: First, Robert Strong is actually the Mountain’s reanimated corpse; and second, that The Hound is actually the gravedigger. In other words, both Clegane brothers (Sandor “the Hound” and Gregor “the Mountain“) are actually alive — […]

  • The UnKiss: Sansa Stark’s Mismemory

    TL;DR: Sansa Stark thinks the Hound kissed her, but he actually didn’t (e.g. the “Unkiss”). The mismemory could signify Sansa’s attraction to the Hound. Sansa Stark has been established as an unreliable narrator, and perhaps her biggest lapse in memory — at least that the readers are aware of — is the “UnKiss.” So what […]

  • Sandor Clegane — The Hound — Is The Gravedigger

    TL;DR: Sandor Clegane — the Hound — is still alive, living as a novice on the Quiet Isle. This theory about Sandor Clegane is among the most popular Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice And Fire theories out there. The site rounds up the key points of the theory, which, if true, means […]